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Why Happy Holidays?

It's that season when adornments increase, cash registers jingle with cash, and stores wish you "happy holidays!" WHAT?! What holidays? Why is happy holidays only used around the Christmas time of year?

We have become so complacent that we tolerate this. If employees of our stores can't wish us "Merry Christmas" after we spend 100s of dollars on clearly Christmas gifts, then why should we patronize them? As Christians, why do we continue to be quiet and accept this foolishness. We have stood by too long. The time has come to stand up and when anyone offers you "Happy Holidays" respond with a cheery "and a Merry Christmas to you too". Why should we continue to take Christ out of the Christmas Holidays.

If someone wishes you

"Happy Holidays" why not ask "hey, just wondering, what other holiday are you honoring besides Christmas". If you are Jewish or Muslim or atheist or whatever, the reason for even taking part in a this holiday is to honor the birth of Jesus Christ.

All Christians should stand up and do what is right. If you're embarrassed with Him, He'll be embarrassed with you when you stand before the Throne of the Father. If we don't put CHRIST back to CHRISTmas, then nobody will.

Odds are that this will not get out in time for Christmas, but the everything is not lost. Everyone knows the real concept of Christmas and that we should show it and spread it throughout every season. Christmas is a time of pleasure and laughter, a time period of peace and brotherly love, a time for family and buddies, and first and foremost a time of recalling and honoring the birth of Jesus. I've got a t-shirt that I enjoy putting it on throughout the summer time for several weeks that merely states, "Christ is Christmas". Remember Him throughout the brand new Year. Remember Him throughout the spring, summer time, fall, winter, and also on Christmas.

When you're shopping for those "After-Christmas" sales why not ask the cashier, "Did you have a great Christmas?" rather than "Did you have a happy holiday?" If each of us would stand up for Him, the entire world would be a better place.

Say "Merry Christmas" to all. God will appreciate it. He loves his Son. Remember the reason behind this wonderful season. Remember the gifts He provides you all season long. Remember the Finest Gift of all, His Sacrifice for you personally.

Say "Merry Christmas" the next time someone wishes you "happy holidays".