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Why Children Are Easy Pleased - Gift Ideas

Christmas is a wonderful time to be a child or to be around children at Christmas time. The wonder of Christmas during childhood is an important memory for people big and little. Most people remember vividly their best and their worst Christmas ever. It is implanted in our psyches for life.

The best Christmas for a child is the one when they receive the special present from Santa or from Grandma that they had been hinting at for the past few weeks before Christmas. It is unfortunately a fact of life today in this commercialised world we live in that what was once just the month leading up to Christmas now has grown out to the last three months of the year. Christmas is the biggest earner for most retailers and many of them depend on good sales to see them through the rest of the year financially.

This makes life difficult for many parents and gift givers to children because some kids will change their mind about what they want every week leading up to Christmas. The best idea if you are a gift giver to one of these mind-changers is to wait until nearer Christmas and see what the latest fad craving is for. That way, the child will receive the gift they most recently wanted.

Younger children are much more easily pleased than older children. A young child will be happy with anything that grabs and holds their attention. This is often something noisy enough to drive parents mad but if you are a Grandparent giving the child a noisy gift, you get to go home with the "remember when..." memories while leaving your own grown up children to gather their own remember-when memories!

Older children are sometimes harder to buy a present for unless they have a hobby. Hobbyist children are so much easier, albeit often more expensive, to buy gifts for but as long as you buy them something in their chosen hobby you can't go too far wrong. But always make part of the gift the proviso that if they already have it or would prefer to have something else,they are able to exchange the gift for whatever they need or want. Older children love the idea of being in charge and this extends over to include what they prefer to receive for a present.

Any child who is well-mannered and thoughtful, respects any gift they are given because they understand what a present actually is. Any child who is loud in their dissatisfaction with what they have received as a gift probably shouldn't have been given anything until they start to respect other people's feelings and understand exactly what a gift actually is.

Most children though are easily pleased with any thoughtful gift and receive their gifts happily and joyfully. Children today are quite different than they were twenty years ago with a lot more peer pressure put on them by their peers and the retail industry. Most children haven't as yet developed a cynical view of Christmas and until they do, they are wonderful to have around at Christmas time.