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Sheepskin Boots and Leather Hats - Make Winter More Manageable

Sheepskin boots and leather hats could help make your winter more manageable with a range of affordable leather and microfiber products that keep you warmer, drier and safer in cold, wet and snow-ridden conditions.

When the colder, wetter weather starts to set in; your standard footwear can become problematic, uncomfortable and even hazardous. Walking down the treacherously icy streets can be a bit of a challenge. More and more people are preparing for winter with a range of Wombat sheepskin boots and hats to help them tackle the unpredictable weather with ease. From snow storms to torrential downpours; sheepskin leather boots and leather hats are perfect for protecting yourself in the colder months and helping you make winter a little more manageable.

If you are lime me one of the first parts of my body to feel the cold is my feet I guess its ass they are closest to the ground. If you boots have thin soles allow the ground to draw heat easily, making your feet colder, quicker. In these cases sheepskin boots are perfect, you can stay toasty from head to toe and Wombat boots have a thick and durable rubber sole that keeps your feet higher off the ground to help your feet retain their heat. Their thick two-faced Australian sheepskin lining is perfect for trapping heat and keeping your feet warmer, for longer. The save-savvy spenders know that Wombat boots make a cheaper alternative in the form of microfiber boots that offer similar protection at a fraction of the price. I have had my Wombats for a few months and cannot wait to test them out for real...

Stay Drier with Winterproof Wombat Leather Boots and Hats

The British weather can bring a number of unexpected showers, sleet and snowfall that chill and soak us to the core. Wombat leather boots and hats could keep you drier with their waterproof outer layers. Wombat leather hats are waterproof and have additional wide rims to keep the rain off your head, face or glasses; keeping your more comfortable outdoors, for longer. Wombat leather boots can be waterproofed by spraying them with a protective water and oil repellent spray to keep them looking their best all year round - these can be found in any good shoe shop.

If you are looking for affordable sheepskin boots check out Wombat leather for a range of products to help you get through the winter months.