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Learning How To Play The Guitar Is Easy

So you're learning how to play the guitar? Maybe you havent even picked a guitar up before?

The first step is to decide on which guitar you would like to learn on. Some may prefer a classical guitar and some want to go straight to electric. I started on classical and found it much easier as a result when I switched to playing electric guitar because playing a classical (or acoustic) guitar means being able to stretch your fingers wider and this will help you in the long run as you will see as you improve.

There's no need to buy the most expensive guitar out there on the market. Stick with a budget and ask for advice from a shop assistant where possible.

Work out if you will be paying for a traditional guitar lesson at a music store or with a home tutor. O, as I would reccommend, use one of the many excellent online multimedia guitar lesson methods available. The reason I reccommend this is because that's not only how I learnt but also means you only pay once, and it's like having an expensive tutor at your side whenever you want to learn - very convenient I think.

Finally, be ready to practice. NO matter how you learn, do what I did and commit to about 20-30 minutes per day. Don't get frustrated or put off in the beggining.

Because once you start to pick up all of the cool tricks you can do with a guitar you will not only get more dates, but you will also have found yourself a great past-time that can lead to money making opportunities, meeting cool new people, getting into a band and so much more. I 100% guarantee that if you learn the right way, along with a little patience and commitment, you WILL get there just like I did.