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Focusing on Adidas Originals Trainers

If style and comfort are things you try to achieve in a casual and laid back manner, then Adidas Originals Trainers are just the piece of footwear you have been searching for. They emit that easy laid back style and can be paired with almost any outfit. From those casual jeans with that favorite T-shirt, right down to you styling black Tux, there is an Adidas trainer to fit.

Adidas Original trainers come in a vast range of styles and the likely hood of you not finding a pair to suit your own style and personality is almost nonexistent. From the throwback 80's sneakers to modern Tennis shoes, they really do cover all of their bases with their designs.

Adidas was founded in 1948 by Adolf (Adi) Dassler, near Nuremberg, Germany and has been one of the market leaders ever since and now for those who like the nostalgia of a good pair of sneakers they have brought us Adidas Original Trainers. Taking a leaf from the classic design book was far from a mistake and the styles available today are as stunning as they ever were. So check out the range and get ready to be kicking it old school style.

In the last 2 years Adidas have released several trainers from their back catalogue which are named after European cities. These include Stockholm's which are a blue leather trainer with yellow stripes, Adidas Manchester which have a light blue leather finish with red stripes and Adidas Dublin which are dark blue with bright orange stripes.