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5 Ways to Be an Office Head Turner

Deciding what to wear to work can be a daunting enough task. You will certainly want to fit in and gel with the crowd. It is important that you convey an image of being a team player and you can do this well enough if you dress in the same style that you see around you. Do not try and stand out like a sore thumb, but merge with the others.

Don't go for shoes that are tacky or do not fit well. Shoes are the very first things that get noticed about you so wear them with care. Christian Louboutin fake shoes are perfect if you do not want to opt for Christian Louboutin originals. They will do the task of making you look fantastic well enough. Avoid wearing too light colored shoes such as pinks and polka dots as they will look extremely casual. Wear heels that you are comfortable in.

There are times when people might not give enough importance to undergarments but although they are not to be seen, they do a great task in making you look good. You should choose undergarments that are comfortable and yet supportive. At no point should the undergarments be visible or see through lines. When you are ready for work, have one last look in the mirror to ensure this.

If you are new to the office then look around you and absorb what people wear. If most people tend to wear business suits and ties then formal is the order of the day at work. Try and observe what the other women are wearing and then go ahead and try to wear similar kind of clothing in order to create the kinship feeling and the thought of being one.

Ensure that you do not have a lot of body show at work. This is always in bad taste and will certainly boomerang for you. At the work place above the knees skirts, sleeveless shirts and too much of cleavage is certainly a big no-no. There are some offices that do accept a casual dress code but then make certain that you are sure of what the term casual is defined as. It is quite acceptable to wear sandals without stockings in warm weather.

The best accessories are those that are not too bling and understated. Ensure that you have a good enough handbag and then pair it up with jewelry that is sophisticated and small. Do not have chunky jewelry or too many pieces as this will make you look like a Christmas tree when it is not the season. The jewelry should be according to your height as chunky pieces will weigh down a petite person like nothing else can.

Dressing like this will certainly help you to be in fashion and be the office head turner for sure, in the right and positive manner. Go on, and dress well for work.